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The first Fuxi Forum – also served as the inauguration ceremony of the Fuxi Institution – took place in Heze, Eastern Shandong Province, on October 18th 2019. With a theme of ‘digital transformation and development in the Fourth Industrial Revolution’, the opportunities and challenges brought about by digital transformation to urban development were extensively discussed. The attendants of the forum included: delegates from Shandong Development and Reform Commission, Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and Shandong Big Data Bureau; international and domestic Internet experts; and many other distinguished guests from political, business, academic and research areas.

Digital Transformation/Smart City

The Fuxi Institution, based on research, is a new type of think tank that leverages a 'five in one' model integrating 'research institutions, technology companies, industrial capital, international forums, and educational institutions'. One of its important tasks is to form an industrial eco-system by setting up a digital transformation cooperation and sharing platform, and by establishing a knowledge exchange mechanism.

The Digital Development Forum (hereinafter referred to as the 'Fuxi Forum') is a global platform for exchange and cooperation for digital transformation of economic and social development of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Fuxi Forum gathers leaders from political, business and academic fields, focusing on technical, policy, and cultural issues in the process of digital transformation. It holds various online and off-line forums and events, and releases research reports, solutions, index systems, annual proposals, and perspectives of the Fuxi Institution.

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