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Fuxi, also known as Paoxi, was the ancestor of Chinese culture. It is said that he invented the dragon totem of the Chinese civilization, the national governance system, and in particular the famous Chinese Eight Trigrams (Bagua) which was expensively explained in the Book of Changes (I Ching). In the era of Agriculture Civilization, the ancient Chinese sages represented by Fuxi have created Chinese civilization by enlightening the society, reforming the social system, and improving surviving skills, which made outstanding contributions to the global civilization. The dragon totem is composed of nine totem animals, which represent an open and inclusive culture demonstrating the cultural genes of the Internet; the binary system represented by the eight trigrams provides the theoretical basis and special symbol for the Internet and computing technology. This is the reason why we chose ‘Fuxi Institution’ as our name for self-motivation.

The Fuxi Institution hopes to: be integrated into and contribute to the great process of China’ s development in the era of digital civilization; bridge the digital divide and connect data islands to promote the digital transformation of socio-economic development through interconnected Internet and data sharing; provide cultural values, governance innovation and technological solutions for the global digital socio-economic development with a global perspective and Chinese basis.

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